Just seen: Firefox in 3D

Since some time I barely use Firefox for surfing on the internet. Mostly I take Google Chrome. But from time to time I take a look at Firefox and today I have discovered one interesting feature of Firefox: You can see webpages in 3D!

Although I’m no fan of the 3D-trend in cinema, I think this is a quite interesting and felicitous feature. The question is only: Do we really need it?

How does Firefox look in 3D and how can I start the 3D-mode?

The starting of the 3D-mode is really simple: You only have to make a right-click on an arbitrary area of the page and then press the Q-key on your keyboard. After that the developer-mode is started and you are able to select the 3D-view in the black bar on the bottom of the page. Then you can zoom and discover the page on your own by simply using your mouse.

And for my website “neumueller.ch” the 3D-mode looks as follows:

Firefox in 3D

Firefox 3D Mode

By the way: As you can see in this video, this feature has been already introduced  in March 2012.

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