About Christoph

About me

I’m Christoph Neumüller and I studied Computer Science at the University of Passau.
I’m living in Stephansposching, which is a small town near Deggendorf or around 140 kilometers away from Munich.

As you might already have mentioned, I really like the internet and I think because of that I created this and a couple of other websites. But besides the internet I have loads of other hobbies and interests. Some of them are listed on the appropriate pages of this website.

Curriculum Vitae

A short version of my Curriculum Vitae can be downloaded here.

Photos of me

Here some more pictures of me:

Me, Christoph Neumüller, at Symi 2013

At Symi 2013

San Marino 2012

just carnival

Fuerteventura 2006

More pictures are coming for sure!